Internet Request Processing (Smart Business)

Internet Request Processing

A cloud based integrated solution for processing requests that originate from customers, suppliers and even internal employees



A business receives requests from customers, suppliers and internal employees. Request Processing Solution makes it easy to receive, track, process and notify requestors. You can make your website a powerful tool for initiating and submitting requests. A powerful solution to make your organization work digitally in all that it handles

Key Features

  • Requests an be initiated by filling in suitable forms
  • Requests can be routed to appropriate persons and departments
  • Requests are numbered by Transaction ID
  • Requestors can track the status of their request by entering transaction ID
  • Requestors can update their requests or processing teams can request additional information and capture input with no manual intervention
  • Processing teams can even engage external teams to make the entire process electronic
  • Automatic updates and notifications keeps the requestor in the loop
  • Has real time metrics for tracking the responsiveness to requests


  • Helps companies operate digitally and compete in this on-demand business environment
  • Improves organizational efficiency
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Makes it easy to continuously improve operations
  • Improves consistency in performing repeat processes
  • New associates can quickly pick up the talent to become productive
  • Handle enquiries efficiently
  • Makes your Website a powerful application for prospects and customers to interact with you