Custom Solutions Portal

Do you have a business process that is still manual, and Paper based?
Want to make it digital and more automated but do not know how?

"We can solve your dilemma with a “Custom Portal”. It gives
an electronic & automated version that works exactly the way you want"

You see your solution in action before you pay a dime for your subscription.

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What is it?

Custom Portal is our approach to offering you, our prospective customer, a solution that does exactly what you want. We don’t ask you to change your ways. We give a solution that works the way you want.

Our unique proprietary software platform provides a solution in days. You see your solution in action and then decide to purchase a subscription. We build and show the custom portal without any financial commitment from your end.

What does it do?

  • It replaces your current broken process with a new cloud-based technology solution that does exactly what you want to get done

Who can use it?

  • Any organization that still has a business process(s) that is(are) still paper based and is looking to improve for competitive advantage, efficiency or even survival

What problems it solves?

  • Typically, most problems in organizations arise due to some inefficiencies in some business process. These inefficiencies may include
    • Poor communication among participating process team members
    • Paper based and Not digital
    • Manual and not automated
    • Fragmented teams and disconnected tools to run the process
    • Lack of easy reporting tools
    • Insufficient data to make decisions
    • Complicated process with employees not knowing the overall objective

How does it work?

  • No software, No hardware, No dedicated IT staff
  • Works in conjunction with other existing software systems
  • We review the proposed solution, fine tune to meet you needs, Set up a portal and train your staff in using the solution

Costs and Benefits:

  • No Capital or big upfront investment
  • Pay as you go, Deploy in Days
  • Cancel if you do not see results
  • Productivity improvement guaranteed
  • Solve your challenges relating to tasks, processes, documents, compliance, productivity analysis, etc.
  • Improve client satisfaction

How to get started?

  • To learn more, call our Solution Specialists @ 800 974 1841
  • Click here to Schedule a time or Register for a Webinar