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Who is SBS Portals?

SBS Portals is a division of the SBS Group. We develop and market a cloud based software solution suite called Smart Business Solution Portal (SBS Portal).

What do we do?

SBS Portals meets unique industry-specific needs by combining firsthand industry knowledge with Best Business Practices and state-of-the-art cloud technologies to offer our clients an efficient, intuitive, and ready-to-use “Solutions As A Service" model.

Uniqueness & Value Proposition


SBS Portals helps you convert your paper based processes to electronic workflows using our proprietary “Request Processing Platform". We dramatically reduce the time required for your organization to become digital and operate digitally. The following features make our offerings unique:

  • Rapid deployment – ready to use
  • “Solutions-as-a-Service"
  • Great price-to-performance value
  • Easy to use and simple to learn
  • Best Practices implementation
  • Zero risk to customer
  • Zero need for customer IT resources

SBS Portals aims to disrupt the way organizations buy technology to improve operations. We offer packaged solutions specific to an industry. In general, the problems we solve focus on reducing paper-related processes and making it easy to operate digitally. We continuously research the needs and challenges of an industry and then create tailored portal solutions by combining Best Practices and cloud technologies. In other words, it is a solution that is ready to use. You can select an industry specific portal and use it to solve a specific problem or multiple problems. No consultants and no long implementations. No need for internal IT staff. We call this “Solution as a Service" Save money by selecting our portal solutions.

We paid attention to end user needs and kept the solution extremely easy to use. Your employees will be able to intuitively use all of the features and improve your business performance.

In an industry where IT projects take too long and are often over budget, you will find our solution comes with far less risk. We are so confident in our service, you can get started with no contract. We want you to be totally satisfied with our solution.

Who can benefit?

For companies that have limited IT capabilities, the SBS Portal works as a comprehensive solution for improving their business. Companies with significant IT investment can use this portal solution as a supplementary tool that works in conjunction with other systems. This solution can be modeled to fill any gaps at a department or plant level that do not warrant corporate implementation.

Selecting a suitable solution for your company:

Our “Solution as a Service" can be used either to solve a specific problem in a department or as a comprehensive tool to manage multiple requirements common to your type of business. The following matrix will help you select an appropriate solution for your problems or challenges.

Key Capabilities of the Portal Suite:

  • Work management (tasks, processes, projects)
  • Electronic workflows
  • Document management
  • Sales pipeline and prospect management
  • Compliance management
  • Dashboard tracking of process metrics and trends
  • Performance assessment tools
  • Internet service request management
  • Form processing
  • Instant publication of documents to your website for collaboration with customers, suppliers, vendors, and citizens

Potential Customers


If you have these needs or face any of the following challenges, our portal may be able to help you:

  • A need to streamline and improve business processes
  • Deploy “Best Practices"
  • Track and quantitatively measure the progress of various processes
  • Reduce paper based challenges and improve access to information
  • Improve white collar productivity
  • Hire and manage associates working from remote locations
  • Expand your business to various regions but do not want to set up offices/IT environment
  • Want to leverage the power of the internet to improve business but do not know how
  • Need to meet compliance mandates such as HIPAA, ISO, Sarbox, etc.



The Portal is specifically designed to immediately increase bureaucratic productivity by reducing process and task cycle times. We are aware that no company can afford to subscribe to a solution without a quantifiable Return On Investment. We are happy to demonstrate the potential ROI using key parameters that you provide. We are so confident that the benefits far exceed the subscription-based cost that we offer an unconditional free trial. We guarantee significant productivity improvement.