Rapid Custom Database (Smart Business)

Rapid Database Solutions

A cloud based platform solution for helping organizations deploy simple yet powerful database solutions



SBS Portals has a unique innovative feature that makes it easy for customers to implement simple database solutions for managing the data in small business. Typical database application development is time consuming and expensive. SBS Portals provides an economical route for deploying database solutions

Key Features

  • Simple database solutions can be deployed in hours with no need to purchase any software or hardware
  • Custom queries and reports to meet unique requirements
  • Integrates with forms and applications that get submitted via Websites
  • Internal work flows can have forms that get routed and filled by multiple department staff members
  • Makes it easy to convert simple Excel applications into powerful database solutions


  • Powerful database applications in hours
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry
  • Data submitted by website visitors applications can be directly stored in database
  • Viewable renditions of  reports can be stored as records in Document Management file cabinets