Electronic Matter Management (Law Firm)

Electronic Matter Management

A cloud based solution for helping organizations deploy a simple yet powerful document management solution


  • Electronic Document Management feature of the Portal offers a convenient way to manage digital versions of all matter related documentation. Firm can control access at a user or a document level. Built in reminder features trigger tasks for those documents that require periodic review or renewal

Key Features

  • Ready to use digital file cabinets for all types of legal matters
  • Index fields to search and retrieve documents
  • Keyword/Context sensitive search (if OCR activated)
  • Control user access to none, one or more file cabinets
  • Manage user level access within a file cabinet to document types, depart-ments, etc.
  • Save files in multiple formats
  • Append pages to existing document
  • Email from search results (Helps in resolving customer service issues)
  • Rapid Indexing Features (Edit fields, Incrementing field values, etc.)
  • Auditing (Capture audit time and audit by)
  • Smart Docs feature (Create an automatic task for processing)
  • Control who can Audit, Index, View, Delete, etc.
  • Maintain “Obsolete"/"Shred" date and track with Smart Docs
  • Copy or Replace file feature to reduce redundant indexing
  • Track access history
  • Bulk upload native electronic files or scanned files
  • Publish the files to web (Meeting Minutes or other public documents)


  • Save space and avoid document storage costs
  • Instant access to matter related documents
  • Access documents from any where (office, court, home or even on the road)
  • Easily send and track documents to clients