Electronic Intake Process (Law Firm)


Electronic Intake Process

We help law firms streamline the entire intake process by making it fully digital



This module makes it easy for law firms to electronically receive intake requests. You can use the same module to keep track of requests that may originate via phone call or fax. This solution eliminates paper and improves productivity of law firms along with improving responsiveness to Prospects. Entire intake process can be made electronic fitting the emerging trend of operating digitally for success

Key Features

    • Ready to use fillable intake forms on your website via a portal link
    • Requestor can submit all information along with any attachments
    • Intake processing staff electronically receives a task for follow up
    • Staff can disposition a request or forward to attorneys for additional guidance
    • Staff can electronically send and receive information from the prospect via links in e-mail or on your website
    • Dashboard shows intake metrics
    • Intake requests can be electronically routed to attorneys for more informed intake acceptance disposition
    • A single intake system to track no matter how the requests originate


  • Reduce the staff hours needed to support intake evaluations
  • Improve response time to prospect request
  • Quickly Accept, discard or refer out requests
  • No duplication of Data entry
  • Reduce/Eliminate Follow up postal mail
  • Make your website powerful by adding Intake process links
  • Standard workflow templates make the processes more efficient and consistent