Client Information Center (Law Firm)

Client Information Center

A cloud based solution for helping organizations deploy a simple yet powerful Client Information Center



This module helps in publishing all the Application Forms, Documentation Requirements guidelines, Check lists and any other templates that prospective Clients have to use to communicate data. Reduces administrative interaction for non-legal matters. Administrative staff can point to the website for self-printing. They can also point to check lists to ensure that clients can provide a complete package to streamline the legal matter. Based on the nature of law firm different types of frequently used forms and templates can be published. One can maintain an FAQ document that answers commonly asked questions.

Key Features

  • Easily publish all Forms and Guidelines to your clients with the click of a mouse
  • Maintain FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) document to make it easier for your clients
  • Organize all your documentation on website
  • Make it easy for clients to search for your documentation


  • Save administration time and focus on revenue generating activity
  • Do more business with less administration staff
  • Support client needs with self-serve features