Task Process Project Management (EZ IT Portal)

Task Process Project Management

A cloud based solution for helping organizations deploy a simple yet powerful document management solution.


  • Portal has powerful module to improve employee productivity. Most activities in an organization are either simple tasks, long processes or Projects. The portal makes it easy to initiate, process and collaborate on various assignments. Real time visibility to progress of activities, staff workload and bottlenecks improves decision making in streamlining activities

Key Features

  • Electronically assign tasks with out the clutter of e-mail
  • Complete visibility to the workload of the entire staff
  • Organizational work can be triaged and the appropriate mechanism ( tasks, Processes, Projects) can be selected to optimize performance
  • Dashboard can be used to analyze workload and bottlenecks
  • Red, Yellow and Green Tags on tasks provides the insight for urgency of actions
  • Averages, Standard deviations, Minimum and Maximum times on repeat processes provides objective data to improve operational performance


  • Managers can have a visibility to the progress of activities in an organization
  • Makes it easy for virtual teams to collaborate on projects
  • Makes it easy to hire and manage remote staff
  • Multiple office activities can be better coordinated
  • Escalations, automatic notifications and reassignment features make it easy to manage all company activities