Electronic Workflows (EZ IT Portal)

Electronic Workflows

A powerful solution to convert all your
Paper based business processes to electronic


  • In business paper is friction. Lack of technologies forces small companies to run on paper processes. This solution will help businesses operate with electronic processes to get work done. You can electronically receive, track and process requests from employees, other departments and even external parties. One integrated solution to process requests originating from multiple sources (Home, Office Kiosk, Walk-in, Phone-in, Fax). Solution links requester, processing departments and even external agencies.

Key Features

  • Ability to fill HTML/PDF forms and automatically route to the correct departments for processing
  • Supports Online, Kiosk, Walk-in, Mobile, Phone-in requests
  • Support Tracking collection of payments for requests
  • A single form can be filled in by multiple department making it easy to process requests
  • Filled in forms can be stored in Digital File cabinets
  • Support automatic notifications, reminders and closures
  • Powerful dashboard for metrics associated with requests
  • Electronically links requester, processing departments & external agencies
  • Accept electronic payments and signatures


  • Improve Responsiveness in processing departmental and interdepartmental requests
  • One single solution to track all requests irrespective of where they come from
  • Dashboard to show bottle necks and performance metrics
  • Staff and requestors can easily check status
  • Improve staff work load and efficiency
  • Make it easy for citizens to request electronically