Task/Work/Project Management (Eng. & Mfg.)

Task/Work/Project Management

A unique and simple solution to improve white collar productivity.



Work in an organization gets done via employees working on simple tasks, processes or projects. Portal helps in employees executing these tasks/processes/projects efficiently

Key Features

  • Built-in task dashboard provides an easy way to optimize and prioritize workload
  • Real-time process time metrics makes it easy to continuously improve process performance
  • Structured processes makes it easy to ensure teams follow key steps and ensure consistency
  • Each manager can view the work and workload of each staff member
  • Makes it easy to digitally collaborate with external parties like suppliers and customers


  • Easily improve white collar productivity
  • Staff assignments can be made with more objective data
  • Snap shot view of key activities in the organization makes it easy to manage organization activities effciciently and effectively