Lean/Six Sigma/CI (Eng. & Mfg.)

Lean/Six Sigma/Continuous Improvement

A solution for helping organizations streamline processes and improve performance metrics



Every organization that aims to improve its operations embarks on  an initiative like Six Sigma, Lean manufacturing, lean Sigma or some specific internal projects. Irrespective of the name of this initiative all of them focus on continuously improve its business processes.  SBS Portal solution helps deploy electronic workflows for each of the key business processes. Has built in real-time reports to show activity averages, standard deviations, process bottlenecks and even staff workloads. Helps in root cause analysis of performance to optimize processes for maintaining continuous improvement environment.

Key Features

  • Supports creation of simple and complex electronic workflows in various departments
  • Status of various processes can be monitored in a single snapshot
  • Processes can be tagged Green/Yellow/Red status based on progress
  • Each process can be quantitatively analyzed for understanding root causes of delays
  • Process data can be exported for additional statistical analysis


  • Provides the workflow technology needed for implementing continuous improvement initiatives
  • Process performance assessments and quantitative statistical metrics can be obtained real-time without the need to add new staff
  • Makes it easy to have periodic reviews to analyze process performance and identify ideas for performance improvement