FOIA Solution (City)

FOIA Solution

Meet all compliance mandates with one simple solution



A powerful cloud solution to help departments electronically receive, track and process FOIA requests and appeals.

Supports all aspects of FOIA request processing (Compliance, Fee Collections, Open and completed requests).

Publish all transparency related documents to your website with the click of a mouse.

Key Features

  • Easily publish any FOIA mandated documents on websites.
  • Electronic receipt, processing and tracking of FOIA requests
  • Links requester, FOIA administrators and department staff
  • Receive notifications, track status & meet compliance mandates
  • Electronically engage requester for any follow up items
  • Track balances and receive payments
  • Dashboard shows frequency and seasonality of requests


  • Easily and efficiently meet all FOIA mandates
  • Confidently show evidence of compliance¬†requirements
  • Reduce FOIA requests by automatically publishing FOIA documents on website.
  • Publish redacted versions of documents
  • Electronically route and track requests amongst staff and departments