Electronic Records Management (City)

Electronic Records Management

Digitize, store & access city records



Cloud based document management solution developed for storing all kinds of City Records (ex: Personal Property Tax, Exemptions, Property Transfer Affidavits. Budgets, Reports, Bonds, Minutes, Agendas, Permits, Licenses, Ordinances, Legislation, Certificates, Maintenance, etc.). Documents that are still in paper or film can be digitized, organized and stored in ready to use digital file cabinets.

Key Features

  • Ready to use digital file cabinets for all types of city records
  • Index fields to search and retrieve documents
  • Keyword/Context sensitive search (if OCR activated)
  • Control user access to none, one or more file cabinets
  • Manage user level access within a file cabinet to document types, departments, etc.
  • Save files in multiple formats
  • Append pages to existing document
  • Email from search results (Helps in resolving customer service issues)
  • Rapid Indexing Features (Edit fields, Incrementing field values, etc.)
  • Auditing (Capture audit time and audit by)
  • Smart Docs feature (Create an automatic task for processing)
  • Control who can Audit, Index, View, Delete, etc.
  • Maintain “Obsolete"/"Shred" date and track with Smart Docs
  • Copy or Replace file feature to reduce redundant indexing
  • Track access history
  • Bulk upload native electronic files or scanned files
  • Publish the files to web (Meeting Minutes or other public documents)


  • Helps your City operate digitally
  • Save space & time
  • Improve compliance
  • Improved Disaster Recovery
  • Control access to records
  • Reduce misplaced documents