Bullying & IEP Tracking (School)

Bullying & IEP Tracking

Streamline and meet compliance mandates


  • Bullying: A ready-to-use solution for reporting, documenting, processing, and archiving bullying incidents in a school. Real-time visibility to all open bullying reports, age of the reported incidents, repeat offenders, and other statistics, which provides insight for the plan and helps reduce bullying incidents.
    • IEP-Portal has all the capabilities to streamline paper-intensive Individualized Educational Program (IEP) tracking. A combination of Digital file cabinets, Custom electronic workflows, IEP Dashboard, and communications management makes it easy to increase efficiency and also meet compliance matters.

Key Features

  • Electronic Fillable forms to report and document bullying incidents
  • Powerful workflow to process and engage other team members to formally close the incident
  • Database to track incident metrics, closure times, annual trends, etc.
  • Demonstrate policies and procedures supporting Bullying seriousness in school
  • Each student IEP can be efficiently tracked via workflows and all supporting documents can be stored in digital file cabinets


  • Make it easy for students and staff to report incidents.
  • Track progress of an incident from reporting to closure
  • Maintain all documentation in digital form
  • Demonstrate¬† seriousness of Bullying enforcement
  • Digitally manage IEPs to improve operational efficiency and ensure government mandates