Public Document Center (County)

Public Document Center

Store and control internally and publish
to the web instantly. You Can even charge convenience fee using Pay Per Doc feature



A cloud solution that helps you publish information (documents, forms, applications, policies, budgets…) to your website with a simple act of storing in digital file cabinets. Provides a mechanism to organize the documents internally with an intent to share them to public. Any authorized person can manage the publication to website with out the need to engage website personnel.

Has a feature to support Codification (Organize and publish County Code & Ordinances)

Pay-per-doc feature provides an easy solution for county departments to publish documents to citizens and charge a convenience fee. It supports monthly subscriptions, a-la carte purchases, pre-paid purchases etc.

Key Features

  • Ready to use digital file cabinets for ordinances, budgets, FOIA documents, Forms, Applications etc.
  • Full text search for easy retrieval
  • Ability to provide document links from multiple pages yet manage internally at a single place
  • Responsive pages to support optimal view from small screens on phone to large desktop monitors
  • If appropriate county can even charge convenience fee for viewing documents (Pay per Doc feature)
  • Helps you organize ordinances by Topic/ID/Date and  OCR documents for easy search and retrieval


  • Improve access to county records 24/7
  • Access to relevant records from multiple locations on county website
  • Search for records using keywords
  • View, download or print as needed
  • Electronic review and approval prior to website publication
  • Departmental staff can publish to website without taxing IT resources
  • Generate additional revenue by charging convenience fee for publishing certain documents
  • An economical solution for publishing Ordinances