Citizen Request Processing (City)


Citizen Request Processing

One integrated solution to process citizen requests electronically 24/7



A powerful cloud solution to help city departments electronically receive, track and process requests from citizens. One integrated solution to process requests originating from multiple sources (home, office kiosk, walk-in, phone-in, fax).  This solution links requester, processing departments and even external agencies.

Key Features

  • Ability for citizens to fill HTML/PDF and automatically route to the correct departments
  • Supports Online, Kiosk, Walk-in, Mobile, Phone-in requests
  • Support Tracking collection of payments for requests
  • A single HTML/PDF form can be filled in by multiple departments
  • Filled in forms can be stored in Digital File cabinets
  • Support automatic notifications, reminders and closures
  • Powerful dashboard for metrics associated with requests
  • Electronically links requester, processing departments & external agencies
  • Accept electronic payments and signatures


  • Improve Responsiveness to Citizens
  • Provide 24/7 access to citizens
  • Give multiple options to citizens
  • One single solution to track all requests irrespective of where they come from
  • Dashboard to show bottlenecks and performance metrics
  • Citizens can easily check status
  • Improve staff workload and efficiency