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If you are looking for ready-to-use solutions for common
industry problems, we offer "Solutions as a Service".
Please review our organization's specific solutions.

Eng. & Mfg. Portal
  • Manage Engineering & Manufacturing Changes
  • Achieve Compliance Certifications
  • Streamline Engineering & Manufacturing processes
  • Easily engage suppliers & vendors

Challenges & Problems we help solve

  • Is your organization in total control of Engineering & Manufacturing changes?
  • Would you like to easily view the projects your engineers are working on?
  • Do you want to instantly update everyone on the progress of projects without cumbersome e-mails?
  • Do you want to easily change the priorities of your staff activities?
  • Are your processes such as RFQs, product reviews, manufacturability reviews, collaboration and approval processes inconsistent and taking too much time?
  • Are you able to engage your suppliers and customers in a timely fashion?
  • Do you have full control on the versions of product and tool drawings?
  • Do you want to meet ISO and TS16949 compliance mandates efficiently?
  • Do you want to solve preventive maintenance & gage calibration challenges?
  • Do you want to apply six sigma and continuous improvement principles to all that you do?

If you reply yes to any of the above questions, we have an Engineering & Manufacturing portal that could help immensely.

What is it?

A subscription based cloud solution to help Engineering & Manufacturing companies manage product design, manufacturing, quality, purchasing, sales and other departmental tasks, processes, documents and challenges. It also facilitates seamless communication with suppliers. Comes with ready-to-use digital file cabinets, process templates and a built in process dashboard for implementing continuous improvement initiatives.


What does it do?

  • Electronically manage engineering documents, changes, quotes, designs, reviews & approvals
  • Makes your engineers & support personnel more productive
  • Provides access to your key suppliers and vendors
  • Meet compliance mandates (ISO,TS16949, etc.)
  • Track & measure everything you do
  • Provides individual, departmental & organization level workload metrics


Who can use it?

  • Product design teams, manufacturing and tooling engineers, quality staff, document control personnel, supplier staff and continuous process improvement teams
  • Managers and Executives
  • Any Engineering & Manufacturing company that has engineering centric teams and activities


What problems it solves?

  • Engineering change control
  • Document versioning and control
  • Product design and manufacturability reviews
  • Supplier collaboration
  • Quality certification maintenance
  • Corrective action implementations
  • Six sigma initiatives


How does it work?

  • No software, No Hardware, No dedicated IT staff
  • Works in conjunction with other existing IT systems or can act as the main system for small organizations
  • Rapid deployment with unique proprietary implementation process
  • Rapid customization to meet your needs. Comes with templates


Costs and Benefits:

  • No Capital or big upfront investment
  • Pay as you go
  • Cancel if you do not see results
  • Productivity improvement guaranteed
  • Solve your challenges relating to tasks, processes, documents, compliance, productivity analysis, etc.
  • Deploy in Days


How to get started?

  • Call our Solution Specialists @ 800 974 1841
  • Visit and register for a webinar

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