Testimonials & Clients

  • Beth Arter
    We at Oaklawn have a long term outlook in regards to DocuWare. For us, this system is not just about document storage, but about document workflow as well.  
  • David Reynolds
    I knew that if we could realize more efficiency in handling our records and reporting that my staff could devote more time to serving the people of Porter County.  
  • Linda Phillips
    Our paperless court is one of our most exciting new uses of DocuWare. Initially some of our judges were a little concerned about moving toward a paperless environment 
  • James Stump
    In the past, it was easier for our employees to use their memory to fight fraud, than to use our paper system. When an employee left knowledge was lost.Fraud is not a big problem 
  • Larry Engle
    Our DocuWare system is about retrieval - quick retrieval that helps us with compliance recording and investigations. The idea that you can sit at your desk and instantly find the information you need is amazing.