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County Solution Portal
  • Electronic Records Mgmt.
  • Citizen Request Processing
  • Public Document Center
  • Agenda/Minutes and Transparency Solution
  • Licenses/Permits/Code Enforcement
  • FOIA Request Processing

Challenges & Problems:

  • Are you able to electronically receive/track/process/update citizen requests?
  • Are you a county official trying to improve your records management?
  • Are you able to easily publish meeting minutes, agendas, ordinances and resolutions to your website?
  • Are you able to process applications, permits and other departmental requests in a consistent and timely fashion?
  • Can you meet your FOIA requests easily?
  • Do you have redundancy in your documents in case of disaster?
  • Do you know when critical documents like contracts are going to expire or need to be reviewed?
  • Are you looking to solve the above challenges with a limited budget?

The County solution Portal is designed ground up for Counties to achieve the above. And you can do so with very little monthly expense. You need not buy any hardware, software or hire any additional IT personnel. Your county will become effective, efficient, transparent & responsive.

What is it?

A subscription based cloud solution to help Counties improve intra and inter-departmental tasks, track citizen requests, publish meeting minutes, manage county records and meet compliance mandates. It provides a dashboard for management to see the progress of various activities within the County.


What does it do?

  • Manage county records
  • Easily publish meeting minutes
  • Process FOIA requests efficiently
  • Improve storage, search and retrieval of all county documents
  • Track and process citizen requests in a timely fashion
  • Engage contractors or share resources with other Counties
  • Provides web interface for citizens to request services from the county


Who can use it?

  • Commissioners: Provides dashboards to manage the counties using metrics, transparency and efficiency
  • Department Heads: Assign, track and ensure that all departmental tasks are completed in a timely fashion
  • Staff: Organize and update departmental activities
  • County Contractors: Electronically receive requests and orders


What problems it solves?

  • Achieving efficiency, effectiveness in County administration
  • Increase citizen responsiveness
  • Transparency & accountability
  • Publishing meeting minutes
  • Internet service request processing
  • Helps management increase employee productivity


How does it work?

  • No software, No hardware, No dedicated IT staff
  • Works in conjunction with other existing IT systems or can act as the main system for small organizations
  • Rapid deployment with unique proprietary implementation process

Costs and Benefits:

  • No Capital or big upfront investment
  • Pay as you go
  • Cancel if you do not see results
  • Meets compliance mandates
  • Solve your challenges relating to tasks, processes, documents, compliance, productivity analysis, etc.
  • Deploy in Days

How to get started?

  • Call our Solution Specialists @ 800 974 1841
  • Visit and register for a webinar

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