Licenses/Permits/Code Enforcement (City)

Permits/Licenses/Code Enforcement

Powerful database solution to process Permits & Licenses



A powerful cloud solution to help departments electronically receive, process, notify and manage all kinds of license requests, Permit requests and even perform code enforcement activities.

One integrated solution to process requests no matter how they originate (Phone-in, computer at home, smart phone on the road, Kiosk at office lobby, Walk-in and even Fax).

Supports all aspects of permit issuance (Permit Certificate, Inspection Results, Code Violations, Occupancy Certificate, etc.)

Key Features

  • Fillable Permit/License forms on your website
  • Routed to the appropriate person after submission by requester
  • Transaction ID is assigned to ensure trace-ability
  • Processing team can process or route to others for completion
  • Directly communicate with requester or even other agencies
  • Dashboard showing Processing Metrics
  • All requests will be in one system to process and reassign
  • Team will see the open requests in a simple easy to use in-box
  • Requester can track the status and even communicate
  • If applicable fees can be collected and balances maintained
  • Tablets can be used at the work sites
  • Inspection pictures can be taken and made part of the review process
  • Electronic fillable forms can force submitter to fill in all the mandatory fields


  • A single electronic database and workflow system makes it easy for the staff to process permits
  • Mandatory fields in the electronic forms ensure submission of complete applications
  • Improves departmental productivity
  • Can engage external contractors
  • Files can be routed electronically between departments
  • Dashboard shows response times, workload, seasonality, open items and trends
  • Requester can check the status of their Permit requests online